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Counterfeiting is not victimless

See the research on how knockoffs fund terrorist attacks, human trafficking and child labor

What is RealCodes?


RealCodes is a label that ties in to an online tracking system. If you sell 20 million bottles of ketchup this year, we’ll give you 20 million unique codes. Each code can be printed on a sticker or label. When a customer buys a bottle of what they think is your product, they can enter the code on their product to check that the item is authentic.

If the item is genuine, they will be congratulated and even rewarded with a promo code for their next purchase at your store.

If the code is fake or not recognized, the customer will be told that the item is counterfeit. They will be given information on how to report the item to you, how to report the seller, how to get their money back and how to report the item to law enforcement.

What it Costs

Codes are less than a penny depending on the volume you buy. Printing costs are usually about the same.


Instead of coming to our website, you can create a verification page on your website using our API. This helps to build your brand and grow your traffic.

Save Money on Customer Service

We built this to make your customer service teams job much easier. Now, instead of lengthy back and forth about an items authenticity, your customer service team simply asks for the code on the item. Turning five or six emails into one.


We prioritize exposure of the codes and have extensive methods to protect these codes from people that want them. Ask us more offline.

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